Committee Job Descriptions


Wednesday - Sunday

Volunteers manage and assist with special access points around the course that require controlled access.



Wednesday - Sunday

Admissions volunteers manage the main entrance to the tournament.  Duties may include checking tickets and credentials, selling and scanning tickets, operating check stand/Will Call booth, and greeting spectators entering the tournament site.  Volunteers may also assist in highly populated areas of the course to answer questions. This area can be extremely busy and requires extended periods standing.  Handling cash and credit card transactions is a large part of this role.



Monday - Sunday

Volunteers assist in the daily needs of the player's caddies including registration, yardage book sales, bib set-up, daily bib distribution and collection, towel deposit and collection, and provide general information throughout the week as needed. 



Monday - Sunday

This committee is responsible for the daily set-up and distribution of radios to appointed personnel, maintains and manages radio communication with key committees throughout the tournament, and acts as the central point of contact between all operations. 



Wednesday – Sunday

Volunteers act as liaison between sponsors and the tournament at venues such as Skyboxes and the Bear Club. Duties may include checking credentials, managing entrances to select areas and providing gallery control during play.



Wednesday – Sunday

Marshals are the largest group of volunteers and play a vital role in ensuring players are not disturbed during play, enforcing crowd control and golf etiquette among spectators, and locating errant shots. This committee requires standing for extended periods of time and volunteers should be capable of walking to and from their respective hole assignments.  Golf knowledge is an asset however not essential. 


For more information on the marshal committee CLICK HERE for a detailed training guide.



Majority of shifts will be scheduled between Sunday and Sunday; May require advance assistance

Volunteers are responsible for transporting players, officials and designated guests to and from the golf course using official tournament vehicles. Drivers must be over 25 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Be advised that there are slow periods throughout the week.  Shifts may begin as early as 5am and end as late as 9pm in the evening. 



Must be able to work Monday and Wednesday

Volunteers provide support for the Pro-Am competitions. Duties may include distribution of gift bags, parking and bag drop assistance, and amateur player registration. 



Sunday - Sunday

Volunteers are responsible for stocking and delivering on-course refreshments to tee boxes for players and caddies.  This committee will also stock designated volunteer refreshment zones including VHQ. Be advised that this role involves heavy lifting and driving carts throughout the tournament grounds. Experience is an asset.



Monday - Sunday

Volunteers provide on-course transport of players to and from the practice areas to the 1st and/or 10th tees. Cart distribution throughout to authorized personnel, assisting in placement of cart signage, charging, and notifying operations or club staff of disabled carts and assisting with player evacuation in the instance of inclement weather are roles within this committee.  Experience driving a 6 or 8 seat cart and course knowledge is an asset.   Be advised there are slow periods throughout the week. Shifts may begin as early as 5am and end as late as 9pm in the evening. 



Thursday - Sunday

Responsible for carrying a two-sided scoring standard, which is a portable status board, and for posting players’ scores to inform spectators on how each player stands with respect to par. Standard Bearers must be capable of walking 18 holes while carrying a light-weight standard and have a strong knowledge of golf etiquette. Training will be provided.



Advance Friday - Tournament Sunday

Volunteers will assist with any administrative duties required in the tournament office, including asnwering phone calls and general inquiries, recieving all deliveries and packages for players and the tournament, and preparing documents.  



Wednesday - Sunday

Volunteers will assist The Golf Channel in updating scoring information for TV coverage.  Duties may include carrying television equipment, driving carts on course and following a group for a full round assisting the Golf Channel personnel.  Volunteers must be able to walk 18 holes of the course.  Training will take place Wednesday of tournament week.



Packaging Day; Orientation; Tournament Week Monday - Sunday

Volunteer Services committee plays a considerable role in the volunteer program and are vital to the operation of Volunteer Headquarters (VHQ) during tournament week.  Duties may include uniform packaging and distribution, Orientation day assistance, credential distribution, registration/check-in throughout tournament week, and clothing sales. Morning shifts may begin as early as 5:30am. 



Wednesday - Sunday

Duties of a walking scorer include recording the group scores and statistics, reporting scores to Scoring Central via PDA, updating your standard bearer, and reporting requests for rulings or emergencies within your group. Volunteers must have thorough knowledge of golf, be comfortable working with handheld computers and be able to walk 18 holes regardless of weather conditions. A mandatory 1-hour training session will take place in the days prior to the tournament for those without prior experience.